So you get a 20,000 dollar loan


The Good Credit Bank offers consumers a 20,000 dollars loan. Interest rates range between 4.29% and 10.99%. Following the credit check, the applicant will be informed of the relevant interest rate. If a credit period of 48 months is taken as a basis, the monthly credit obligation amounts to USD 453.44. In the case of poor creditworthiness, however, this amount can more than double. In principle, a term of up to 84 months can also be agreed for the $ 20,000 loan.

Consumers can apply for a maximum of USD 50,000 through this bank. The effective interest rate already includes the processing fee. Account management fees are not charged to the customer. Unscheduled repayments can be made at the earliest 6 months after credit approval (blocking of termination).

A notice period of 3 months must be observed


The entire processing fee remains with the bank even in the case of special payments. The 20,000 dollars loan can also be taken out at attractive conditions through the credit intermediary Lite Lender. The provider finds the bank with the most advantageous conditions from a large number of banks.

The effective annual interest rates range between 4.69% and 9.70%. The exact interest rates are determined by the applicant’s creditworthiness. If a term of 48 months is assumed, the total of repayment and interest for a 20,000 dollars loan is 453.96 dollarss per month.

The credit burden would add up to USD 22,055 over the entire duration. Loans of up to USD 50,000 can also be applied for. If the prospective customer wants even smaller installments, terms up to 84 months can be agreed.

Become a credit professional

Become a credit professional

There is no account management fee. In addition to repayment and interest, the credit rate also consists of processing fees. A credit of USD 20,000 is also available through Credit Bank. The price of the money varies between 4.40% and 11.95% depending on the applicant’s creditworthiness.

If the customer wishes to redeem his 20,000 dollars loan within 48 months, a monthly loan installment of 454.39 dollars is due. Upon request, the customer can also be provided with loan amounts of up to USD 50,000.

Terms of up to 7 years are easily possible. When applying, the consumer is offered residual debt insurance in addition to the 20,000 dollars loan. In the event of disability or unemployment, the family is spared the financial burden of the loan.
The self-employed can apply for the 20,000 dollars loan through all three financial institutions.

The consumer only receives the 20,000 dollars loan if he can meet the requirements customary in the industry. An unlimited employment relationship is essential.

The employee must also have been with the current employer


Or at least 6 months. Trial periods are not taken into account. A regular income reduces the risk of a loan default. If the employee also benefits from protection against dismissal, servicing the credit debt will also be guaranteed much sooner.

With the help of two salary slips, the provider wants to be certain about the amount of income as well as maintenance payments or garnishment of wages. To be able to take out the loan, the applicant must have reached the age of 18. Persons with limited legal capacity are therefore not granted a loan with the consent of their parents.

The permanent place of residence and the bank account must be in Germany. Since banks are always keen to only allow reliable payers to benefit from a 20,000 dollars loan.